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Addressing the interests and objectives of our clients through an experience-driven communication and public affairs consulting approach that combines a global perspective with local expertise in numerous markets. We assist our clients to crystallize the core issues related to their message and interaction with governments and key market forces, while assisting them to hone the content, tone and delivery of the message to achieve their goals.

Catalyst Group clients often demand the kind of strategic insight that only extensive, global experience in a diverse array of settings can provide.  Our clients value our skill in helping them navigate the complex and often intersecting worlds of commerce, industry, public opinion, media and public relations, and government and public policy.  


Our global team of experts comes from a broad array of backgrounds — with the capability of bringing together a diverse group consisting of ambassadors, senior staff of national elected leaders, other government officials, business, military and nonprofit executives, as well as communication experts from multiple nations across the globe. Our core skill is developing a cogent and focused message that unifies what are typically diverse client demands while moving closer to the stated goal. Bring us your greatest communication challenge and let us add a catalyst that speeds positive change.

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