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Throughout his career, CEO Rami Levi has been a leader in developing global international initiatives; advising thousands of leaders in business, government, and academia. Levi has also helped guide the development of leading business enterprises in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The world is not flat; there are hills, valleys, and turns in the road. More often than not, the road ahead is obscured. Today, businesses face global challenges inconceivable to previous generations. As new markets expand and globalization increases, developing winning strategies becomes more challenging. 

You need a company that can leverage the existing strengths of your enterprise and re-align them in innovative ways to generate new revenue streams; a partner with the global experience to recognize emerging trends and place you at the forefront of expanding markets. You need a catalyst.




Catalyst Group International brings a new entrepreneurial edge to global organizations, developing strategies to reach emerging goals by realigning existing strengths and adding the catalytic element of our extensive expertise in international marketing.


The Catalyst Group builds on a legacy of a quarter-century of global engagement supporting Heads of State, Governments, Corporations, and NGOs, in facilitating a global reach in research, development, and market application.

Possessing a rich heritage of global involvement in research, development, and management, the Catalyst Group is deeply rooted in international diplomacy and economic growth. Working closely with Presidents, governments, and global companies, Catalyst Group helps shape the perspective, knowledge, and insight of clients throughout the world.

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