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Hardly a week goes by that news reports of yet another business stumbling into crisis aren’t paraded before us.  Executive defections. Financial improprieties. Product recalls. Terrorist activity. Embargos, boycotts and blockades. Natural disasters.  Any one of these – and sometimes more than one – can impact your organization without warning and through no direct fault of the chief executive. 


Whether the need is responding to an unforeseen disaster or managing the crisis you tried to prevent, Catalyst Group possesses the skills and tools to effectively advise you how to manage or avoid these crises, which can be critical to the survival and success of your organization.

In today's rapidly changing work environment, avoiding corporate disaster when faced with crisis issues is more important than ever. Catalyst Group can help chief executives identify, manage, and prevent potential crises. Because you seldom know when a real crisis will happen, Catalyst Group consultants are available to assist you today.  Or tomorrow.

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