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Once a market strategy has been developed and adopted, the need for experienced management focused on the practical application of marketing strategy via a firm's marketing resources and activities. Having a market strategy that exists – or worse, is managed – far from the executive suite and the boardroom is a recipe for disaster.  


Oftentimes clients desire a hands-on management approach implemented by the same team of skilled professionals that developed the strategy.  In these situations, Catalyst Group is able to assign our consultants as contract executives dedicated to accomplishing market objectives.  

Catalyst Group can offer a team of skilled executives across the spectrum of senior management positions to implement your firm’s strategic marketing plan.  Catalyst Group executives and consultants can fill any C-suite role to lead your firm through implementation strategy; project, process and vendor management; organizational management and leadership; and reporting, measurement, feedback and control systems. Talk to Catalyst Group about providing a key executive to your team.

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