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Building on over two decades of global experience, Catalyst Group is unequalled in national tourism development. Having served in a number of tourism-related diplomatic posts, as well as being President of over 42 national tourism offices around the world, Ambassador Levi brings a depth of insight and experience to your national tourism marketing program that few can match. 

The key to maximizing national tourism growth potential is a comprehensive study that includes interviews with tourism industry stakeholders, site inspections (both current and potential), market research to determine current interest, issues and road blocks to increased tourism (including focus groups in key potential tourist-sending countries), interviews with tour operators, key providers, etc.  


This study forms the basis of a comprehensive, long-term tourism development plan that addresses not only marketing needs, but also national infrastructure requirements and national branding for tourism development.  Catalyst Group is one of the few organizations possessing both the direct experience and the consulting skills to offer a national tourism development program.

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