Rami Levi, PhD

Chairman & President

Dr. Rami Levi brings over 30 years of experience in diplomacy, global marketing and international affairs to the table.  He served the State of Israel for three decades on five diplomatic missions on three continents, and is a recognized leader in international relations, global market development, strategic planning and crisis management.

Between 2001-2004, Dr. Levi served as Israel's Ambassador in charge of tourism for North and South America; a mission for which he was recognized as one of the world’s experts in crisis management.  In his role as Israel’s Tourism Ambassador, Dr. Levi led numerous international projects, a national task force, and global partnerships that involved forty-two governments, world-leading conglomerates, media networks and international law firms.  

Due to his success in that role, the State of Israel selected Dr. Levi in 2004 to spearhead the National Government Tourism Marketing Administration and Task Force.  Dr. Levi’s leadership and innovation in this position generated a complete shift in the industry's landscape, creating a new infrastructure that resulted in significant global and local impact. Israel’s implementation of Dr. Levi’s strategy has generated revenues of an additional $2 billion annually to the national economy.

In 2008, Dr. Levi retired from government service and entered the private arena, founding a number of companies and offering his broad expertise to select clients around the globe.  Catalyst Group International serves as the parent company, managing a group of companies that applies our global marketing experience and business intelligence to strategic projects on five continents.